Welcome to Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center

The Logo

The circle represents the corporation conceived for a central point of interest, or bound by a common tie. That is, establishing a hospital and medical center with the end in view of providing excellent health care services to the community it serves. The Rod of Asclepius represents the correct and traditional symbol of medicine used by professional and patient-centered organizations such as Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center. Inspired by Asclepius – The God of healing, CHMC is committed to provide the highest possible health care services in order to protect and preserve lives.

An impression of the CHMC building in the logo represents that the building is an integral part of the institution in establishing itself as an icon of health care. The color blue in the CHMC logo represents an image of being trustworthy, dependable and committed just as we commit ourselves to uphold integrity, reliability and excellence in health care services.

The spectacular yellow rays provide the light and warmth we need to provide to our clients. The yellow lights our existence and at the same time it breathes a warm promise of new beginnings and hope.

In the business world, yellow influences success, progress, change, business communication, to persuade with confidence and knowledge. The color orange found in the logo represents the stimulating as well as sociable feeling that inspires CHMC's vibrant and innovative outlook.

Neopolitan Business Park, Regalado Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City, 1118